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Nothing can compare Vidarte Residences to any other vertical community in Antipolo. For one, Vidarte has world-class amenities and facilities every family and guest will love.

The boutique, shops, and dining areas on the ground are an everyday reprieve for the families. The international brands lined up of restaurants at the grounds are a palate’s dream. Aside from the boutiques, commercial strips and other retail shops are next to your doorsteps. Moreover, Vidarte Residences has a swimming pool with a separate kiddie pool.

The pool deck and pool lounges are beside the swimming pools. There are walking paths with stunning trellis. The resort-style condo project also has a 2-story clubhouse. Each tower has Skyscapes with co-working spaces. The Skyscapes provide a 360-degree view of the Antipolo skylines and the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range horizons! Your kids also deserve to have a children’s playground, a vertical garden, landscaped gardens, a pet park, and nature parks around the property. The condo haven in Antipolo is guarded 24/7 with strategic CCTV cameras in common places. The property has a perimeter fence that boosts security for the families and guests. 

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